[horde] Problems at Login

antonio d'acierno dacierno.a at isa.av.cnr.it
Fri May 24 03:19:11 PDT 2002

Hi Paul

I fixed the  problem with PEAR. The problem was the include_path

Now my problem is that, when a try to connect to IMP, I have an invalid 
username/passwd login

I fear that the problem is that I use IMAP as auth-driver .
I do not have any experience with IMAP and, to be precise, I cannot login
in the IMAP server even using "telnet myhost imap" (the server iup, running 
and ready)

Since I want use IMP with pop3, it is possible to use another 
authentication and where
it is possible to find documentation?

Alternatively, where could be the problem with my IMAP server?


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