[horde] gettext problems

Anthony Stanton anthony.stanton at es.easynet.net
Thu Jun 27 03:12:11 PDT 2002

Hello folks,

This isn't *strictly* a Horde question, but since it's in a Horde
programming context I figured it would be OK to post here.

I'm writing a Horde module (for manipulation of our customer DB in an
LDAP backend) and I need it to have messages in Spanish. Following the
guidelines on using the localization in Horde, I've got a working
Spanish version of the module.

Here's the catch though: on the same page, even *in the same PHP file*,
some of the gettext calls produce a translated message and some don't.
The messages are in the catalog, I've double and triple checked that from
the command line. To make matters worse, once in a while the messages
*are* translated, with no obvious changes in the gettext function calls
or indeed anything related to gettext.

Has anyone seen this in the course of programming a Horde module? I've 
looked for FAQs/troubleshooting advice on gettext and not found any.
Here's my setup:

Horde 2.1-RC3
Apache 1.3.26
PHP 4.2.1 (with the Horde PEAR libraries installed)
gettext 0.10.35

Thanks in advance for any help,

Anthony Stanton                                     +34 91 789 46 00
Systems Administrator                     http://www.es.easynet.net/
Easynet España - Madrid - España      anthony.stanton at es.easynet.net

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