[horde] Another Persistent Nav Bar?

Ryan Gallagher ryan at studiesabroad.com
Thu Jun 27 08:28:59 PDT 2002

Has anyone done something similiar with their implementation of horde 
and it's modules?

We'd like to add a second persistent navbar on the main horde 
application.  We are authenticating our other office intranet 
applications via HORDE and delivering them inside the main frame.  We'd 
like to find an elegant way to add "many" additional links or maybe a JS 
nav tree that persists from page to page for quick links to various 
features of our own applications.

I'm thinking a left hand frame would be most suited... anyone know a 
possible approach that would be easy to maintain between updates of the 
horde framework?

We have external apps acting as modules currently and appearing in the 
horde navbar, but that bar will only accomodate so many and another 
solution is desired.

Suggestions? Comments?

BTW love the project, excellent work, looking forward to the future 
modules and updates.

Ryan Gallagher
ryan at studiesabroad.com
webmaster @ www.studiesabroad.com

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