[horde] turba application no visible in the login window

Joël Brogniart Joel.Brogniart at univ-lyon2.fr
Sun Jun 30 22:36:01 PDT 2002

Quoting Joël Brogniart <Joel.Brogniart at univ-lyon2.fr>:

>> I installed Horde 2.1, IMP 3.1, Mnemo 1.0, Turba 1.1, Kronolith 1.0, 
>> Nag
>> 1.0 (on Debian woody). All apps are registered and the show property is
>> true for all. The menu frame show an icon for each application but in
>> the horde window the Turba application is not shown. Is it normal?

Le vendredi 28 juin 2002, à 05:33 , Chuck Hagenbuch a écrit :

> Do you mean that the summary screen doesn't include anything for Turba?
> Yes, this is normal - what would you summarize?

I mean the screen appearing just after the login. In that screen I have 
a "Mail", a "Calendar", a "Memo" and a "Task" icon but I have nothing 
for Turba (an AddressBook icon ?).


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