[horde] Form to login Horde (not Imp)

izzk at netcourrier.com izzk at netcourrier.com
Sat Oct 12 17:29:13 PDT 2002


another question,

i made a form in a page that goes like this :

FORM action=/horde/imp/redirect.php method=post name=implogin
(and so on)

the "problem" is it takes me to IMP, and i don't get the bottom frame with all my horde options (i have to use the horde link i put in top menu) ...

how can i activate it :

can i log to inbox with the frame ?
can i log to horde menu with the frame ?
can i log to inbox with the frame if i have new mail and to horde menu with the frame if i have no new mail ?

someting more, with my way (horde from menu as have no frame), if i click horde > options > i get the option page and i have to press BACK after changing as i don't have any link to horde or other horde component ...


once again congatulation for the work ...


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