[horde] Re: Form to login Horde (not Imp)

dadirtyluk dadirtyluk at gmx.de
Sat Oct 12 09:03:57 PDT 2002

hi there!

the "problem" is it takes me to IMP, and i don't get the bottom frame with
all my horde options (i have to use the horde link i put in top menu) ...

i think you should type in /horde/confiog/registry.php two lines with

registry auth login = imp
registry auth logout = imp

on my system i have horde setup like this and the links at the bottom
remain,when i login into webmail
i have also set DirectoryIndex to index.html AND index.php so i acces
https://fqdn/horde and login there.
then i don't have to login into webmail again because of the setting
mentioned above

that shoud fix if ;)

best regards


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