[horde] pb with Horde2/imp3 : This is what the server said: Invalid mailb ox name

Mikael Jirari Mikael at eits.info
Tue Dec 10 05:30:27 PST 2002


I've got quite everything working, qmail/horde2/imp/imap etc.

I'd like to create new folders but I have this message
The folder "newfolder" was not created. This is what the server said:
Invalid mailbox name.
I read somewhere that only sub folders of Inbox could be created, is it true
? why ?

When I try to create a subfolder of Inbox I have 
The folder "INBOX.folder" was successfully created.
But at the end I'm not able to see this folder, using expand or trying the
dialog box list etc. But a ls -al shows me that it has been created.

A consequence of that is I can't see my .trash, .Sent, .Draft folders.

Any help appreciated

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