[horde] errors that are user dependent

Marc Fellman mfellman at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 11 00:53:54 PST 2002

Hi Chuck,

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> Quoting Marc Fellman <mfellman at xs4all.nl>:
> > I have updated to the latest CVS lately but now some users are getting
> > these messages. I don't get these messages. It all hapened after I had to
> > add the categories_order column to the horde_categories table.
> This has nothing to do with categories. Looks like you haven't tracked
> recent config file changes to Jonah.

Indeed that was the problem. It is something that isn't allways easy to see 
what is changed. I'll check all config files the next time before mailing. 
(allthough now other people can learn from this as well). The strangest about 
this that another user was getting error-messages in the summary screen where i 
didn't get messages. That made me think that there was a categorie missing for 
that user which I had for some reason.

> -chuck
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Marc Fellman

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