[horde] haspermission() error?

Chris Albertson alb at chrisalbertson.com
Thu Dec 12 17:14:40 PST 2002

Well, the only other thing I did was to go into the horde/configs 
directory and do a date compare of the .dist files to my .php files. 
Anything that was a newer .dist than the .php file, I  updated the .php 
file. I noticed my config.php was older than the .dist, so I took the 
beating of updating that file as well. Not a big deal actually, but all 
the others I was able to just do a straight replace.

Chris Albertson 
alb at chrisalbertson.com 
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Tim Glen wrote:

>On 12/12/02 5:35 PM, "Chris Albertson" <alb at chrisalbertson.com> wrote:
>>My bad. It's category_order, an integer.
>Yah, my horde_categories table has that field too. Still no luck.

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