[horde] Silly theme quirk...

Jdebrunn on.jdebrunn at nuvox.net
Thu Dec 12 17:46:16 PST 2002


I have a couple fixes to the themes. I've been using the Green theme so I
know the bugs there the best but I took a quick look at the Brown one too.

To config/themes/html-brown.php add:
$css['tr.res-header']['background-color'] = '#ebebd7';
$css['td.text3']['color'] = 'white';
$css['td.text3']['background-color'] = '#cfcfbb';
$css['td.light']['background-color'] = '#cfcfbb';
$css['td.form-inactive']['background-color'] = 'cfcfbb';
$css['td.comment-body']['background-color'] = 'ebebd7';
$css['tr.item0']['background-color'] = 'ebebd7';
$css['td.sect']['background-color'] = 'ebebd7';

Not sure about the td.light entry since I can't duplicate the 'Guest
Services' login problem. Check the HTML to see the tag and class that need
to be changed. The styles are in ./config/themes/html-brown.php so you can
make any other changes there.

To config/themes/html-green.php I added:
$css['a.menuitem']['color'] = 'white';
$css['.menuselected']['background-color'] = '#104e4c';
$css['menuheader']['color'] = 'white';
$css['.smallheader']['color'] = 'white';
$css['tr.res-header']['background-color'] = '#f7eoaa';
$css['td.text3']['color'] = 'white';
$css['td.text3']['background-color'] = '#136865';
$css['td.light']['background-color'] = '#136865';
$css['td.form-inactive']['background-color'] = '#136865';
$css['td.comment-body']['background-color'] = '#f7eoaa';
$css['tr.item0']['background-color'] = '#f7eoaa';
$css['td.sect']['background-color'] = '#f7eoaa';

Those styles are used in different modules - Bugs, Notes, Tasks, etc. The
style for the table in the Task List is hard coded so I haven't fixed that
one yet.

Those are the missing styles I found so far. If I get some more time, I
might look at some of the other themes and modules. I haven't worked much
with diff but I'll figure it out soon so I can send changes that way.


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Most likely, the brown theme (and some others) are missing things that have
been added to the main themes. Someone needs to step up and maintain them.


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