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Quoting Jdebrunn <on.jdebrunn at nuvox.net>:

> Rick/Chuck:
> I have a couple fixes to the themes. I've been using the Green theme so I
> know the bugs there the best but I took a quick look at the Brown one too.

Thanks for the reply!

Interesting, but this didn't really give me what I wanted. It changed the
background color of all elements on the login page, and the borders were still
in the page background color, which gave it a sort of grid effect. I could live
with that, but not all of the (table rows?) were the same width, so the grid
wasn't square (hope that made sense).

I actually accomplished what I wanted by setting "class='light'" in the td tag
that displays in login.inc. That changed the background of the "Guest Services"
and "Problem?" links without messing up the other themes (well, the only ones I
looked at were Horde Standard and Mozilla, but they looked OK).

I still have the problem, though, with the "Close this window" in success.inc.
What do you think about changing success.inc so that "Compose another message"
and "Close this window" appear as a menu, kind of like the menu at the top of
the application windows? I don't know if that's possible, but I think I'll take
a look at it.

Let me know what you think (or any other ideas; I'm not the most creative person).


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