[horde] creating 1st user in sql database

Ned Zimmerman nzimmerm at sulfur.scs.uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 13 20:40:46 PST 2002

I'm trying to set up horde authentication through the sql driver on a test
system I have going.  Eventually I want to be able to use the composite driver
to give normal users access to email, calendar, etc. through imp, and then a few
special users access to calendar resources by authenticating through sql.  (Am I
wrong in believing I should be able to accomplish this through the composite

I tried setting up the composite driver to work with both sql and imp, which
worked fine for imp but not for adding a user to sql.  Figuring I had a problem
in authenticating through sql, I started with a clean install of horde and a
clean database.  After getting all the config files set and creating the tables
in the mysql database, I went to add the first user to the horde_users table.  I
created an 'admin' user with what I thought was an md5 hashed password and
attempted to authenticate, no luck.

On looking more closely into creating the md5 hashed password, I realized I was
doing that wrong, but then tried the command:

openssl passwd -1 -stdin -table <rtn>
<password> <rtn>
output: ==> <password>   <hashed result>

here the <hashed result> I thought should be hashed password and that was the
value I set user_pass to.

Well, I still couldn't authenticate.

I then realized I was getting a warning in mysql after updating the user_pass
field for 'admin', and on checking the value of the user_pass field I realized
the last 2 characters from the hashed password were missing.  The problem
appears to be that openssl passwd returns 34 characters from the md5 hash of the
password, and user_pass is only a 32 character string.  The leading two
characters were $1 which referred to the -1 option to openssl passwd signifying
the use of md5, so I tried removing those two characters from the hashed
password, but still no luck.

At this point I am not sure what else to do. Is there another (hopefully
simpler) way of generating a md5 hashed password?  I figure once I get the
initial user I can use horde to set up the rest of the users, but I can't even
get that far at this point.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Ned Zimmerman

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