[horde] creating 1st user in sql database

Chris Shepherd CShepherd at rogers.com
Fri Dec 13 21:22:50 PST 2002

Ned Zimmerman wrote:

>I'm trying to set up horde authentication through the sql driver on a test
>system I have going.  Eventually I want to be able to use the composite driver
>to give normal users access to email, calendar, etc. through imp, and then a few
>special users access to calendar resources by authenticating through sql.  (Am I
>wrong in believing I should be able to accomplish this through the composite
>At this point I am not sure what else to do. Is there another (hopefully
>simpler) way of generating a md5 hashed password?  I figure once I get the
>initial user I can use horde to set up the rest of the users, but I can't even
>get that far at this point.
Mysql includes an md5() function that you can use to obtain the md5 hash 
of a string.
A simple command like:
insert into horde_users values ('admin', md5('somepass'));
should do the trick. I myself ran into this problem with horde just 
today, and this solved my problem.

Chris Shepherd

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