[horde] Administration question

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Mon Dec 30 22:52:41 PST 2002

tir, 2002-12-31 kl. 06:57 skrev Matthew Bradford:

> I have a question which has probably been asked here a million times, but i
> can't seem to find the answer on google or in the web logs of this mailing list.
>  How on earth do you make a horde user an adminstrator?  Is there such a
> distinction even?  Does this come in a separate module?  Here is what I am
> running thus far:
> Apache (latest 1.x version)
> PHP (latest)
> PostgreSQL
> horde 2.1
> imp 3.0
> turba (whatever was on CVS today)
> and I am trying to get hermes installed as well, (i have a separate question
> about that module on its own mailing list.)

AFAICS you can only do this in horde/config/conf.php.

This might seem "daft", but it's no different from Openldap's concept of
ACLs being defined in slapd.conf, at the moment. Things will probably
change with time :-)




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