[horde] akk~ PEAR!!

Tony Earnshaw tonni at billy.demon.nl
Tue Dec 31 15:22:07 PST 2002

tir, 2002-12-31 kl. 23:08 skrev Horde Project:

> Okay, so I installed the copy Horde offers on their site, and guess what
> message appears on the screen?
> "This version of PEAR is not recent enough."

'Spose everybody in the world, including me, gets/got the same.

The answer fo me, at least, was to get the pear CVS from pear.php.net.
Installing it under Linux/Apache/PHP4.2.3 wasn't immediately obvious,
but I copied it to the PHP4 pear compile tree and did a PHP 'make
install'. Don't know about Windows, though.




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