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Well thank you very much!  That worked great!  You should submit that to
Horde's Pear page, and let them know the version they offer there is out
of date. :-) Of course I must be picky on one thing... :-) I get a new
error at the bottom of the test page, and it looks like it is something
the Horde developers have seen, because they have a link to it.  If you
go to http://mds.njdevils.info:88/test.php and scroll to the bottom,
you'll see what I mean.  I went to the PEAR site, installed the latest
stable release of File and sure enough nothing different happened.  Same
results with the version offered by PEAR's CVS.  Anyone have any idea on
how to fix this? And does this affect Horde or one of it's components at
all?  Or is this just a little bug that doesn't affect anything?  (seems
to me they wouldn't have brought it up with a link if it meant nothing!)
Thank you again!

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Here is a zip of my PEAR folder. It's about 2 months old from CVS, works
for my with the same system.

- Mike :-)

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>  (Sorry if this gets posted twice)
> Okay, I have installed Sokkit (a Windows install of Apache, PHP, PEAR,
> etc) (http://sokkit.net <http://sokkit.net/> ) and that working fine.
> have also installed Horde, IMP, Kronolith, Mnemo, Nag, Troll, and
> PLUS all of the latest CVS "snapshots" (dates 12-31-02).  I haven't
> up the configuration files for each program yet, but went to the test
> page to see and make sure the server was configured properly to run
> Horde.  The test.php script says everything is fine until I scroll
> to PEAR.  It says this:
> "This version of PEAR is not recent enough."
> Okay, so I installed the copy Horde offers on their site, and guess
> message appears on the screen?
> "This version of PEAR is not recent enough."
> If you'd like to see what I have set up, go to
> http://mds.njdevils.info:88/test.php
> I really really appreciate any help!
> Thank you and happy New Year!
> ~Kyle Bisignani
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