[horde] Re: akk~ PEAR!!

Hector hector at neotek.waw.pl
Thu Jan 2 01:50:44 PST 2003

Hello :-)

BTW: Happy New Year :-)

 >Mike Cochrane wrote:
 >Here is a zip of my PEAR folder. It's about 2 months old from CVS, 
 >works fine
 >for my with the same system. http://www.graftonhall.co.nz/temp/pear.zip

I have RH Linux with :
ApacheSSL 1.3.27 + OpenSSL 0.9.7 + PHP 4.3.0 + PEAR 1.0
I use: HORDE 2.1 and IMP 3.1

PEAR libraries are in /usr/local/lib/php/PEAR

I downloadad your file unzipped ale put them to them as a PEAR 
catalogue. Because of the PHP 4.3.0 pear needs some files from 
distriburion I had to mix the dist. files with yours.

And ofcourse it doesn't work:

- PEAR - Yes
- Recent PEAR - No
- This version of PEAR is not recent enough. See the Horde PEAR page for 
- Mail::RFC822 - Yes
- Log - Yes
- DB - Yes

Horde itself does the authentication (http://webmail.neotek.waw.pl), but 
when it comes to horde/imp/redirect.php the mailing system stops 
working. I wonder if this is a problem with PEAR.

hector at neotek.waw.pl

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