[horde] Possible problem with virtual host and IMP 3.1 or Horde 2.1 or maybe with me :)

Joe Burks joe-imp at wavicle.org
Thu Jan 2 11:19:59 PST 2003

At 11:23 AM 1/2/2003 -0500, Chris Shepherd wrote:
>Here's your problem.
>I am myself running a vhosted setup, and this is not correct at all. 
>Webroot is
>relative to your base web path for that virtualdomain. You do not need to
>configure anything fancy for apache.
> From your description, just set horde's webroot to '/horde' and imp's 
> webroot
>to $this->applications['horde']['webroot'] . '/imp' and you should be set.
>The paths should be relative and not include your FQDN.

If I do that, is the url to the webmail still 
'http://webmail.mydomain.com'?  or is it 
'http://webmail.mydomain.com/horde/imp' ?  I'm hoping to give a simple and 
clean interface to the webmail.  The virtual domain's base web path is 
/web/htdocs/horde/imp in this case.


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