[horde] Horde displayoptions broken (HEAD)

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Jan 2 16:32:38 PST 2003

Zitat von Tony Earnshaw <tonni at billy.demon.nl>:

> fre, 2003-01-03 kl. 00:04 skrev Jan Kuipers:
> > Displayoptions page is boken. It's only shown partially. "Theme" is the
> last
> > option shown. Update link (etc) has also disappeared!
> > Also missing some theme information in the summaryscreen, i.e. with
> events, no
> > rounded corners with Moz. Prioritycolors of tasks are also missing (in
> the summary).
> This was reported before the new year and I found it present today, too.

I fixing it in this moment. Try again in an hour.
> Nor will LDAP Turba go to the change/edit functions for Address book: It
> falls right back into search mode.

Report this to the Turba list please.


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