[horde] conf.xml problem

=?big5?q?Alex?= clw54248kimo at yahoo.com.tw
Thu Jan 2 20:27:13 PST 2003

I am quite sure that conf.php was saved and every entries were changed,but except $conf['menu']['apps'] .
  Chuck Hagenbuch <chuck at horde.org> ªº°T®§¡G Quoting alex :

> After execute Configuration (imp/turba/nag/mnemo ...) in
> Administration,the
> $conf['menu']['apps'] entry in horde/imp/config/conf.php seems not
> changed.
> P.S
> I have already chown horde/imp/config.php as nobody before and DOM XML
> support for php was enabled.

I can't reproduce this. Are you sure that setup.php isn't telling you that 
it couldn't write the file?


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