[horde] Re: horde and installation

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Fri Jan 3 14:46:24 PST 2003

Quoting sandro Dadaczynski <sdada at web.de>:

> was ist dies bitte für eine antwort?

Ah, a chance to practice my German... :)

Eine antwort ist nur so gut wie seine Frage... 

English Translation for the German Impared:
Q: What kind of answer is that, please?
A: An answer is only as good as the question...

> dies war eine einfache frage.

*Zu* einfache.

English Translations:
Q: This was an easy question.
A: Too "easy" (meaning not specific enough)

> hierrauf
> kann man meines erachtens ja wohl auch eine antwort erwarten welche das
> problem löst.

Es tut mir leid, aber Sie haben nicht genug Informationen zu mir gegaben,
um solche eine Antwort zu stellen.

Q: One could IMHO expect an answer which solves the problem.
A: Sorry, but your didn't provide me with enough information to provide
   you with such an answer.

Sorry if my German offends anyone, haven't had to use it for years (haven't
been back to Germany since 1992).

Anyway, the point is that we need to know the backend authentication system
you want to use (or must use, based on your mail software) before we can
advise you on how you might create accounts for that backend.

The second point was, that the faq address isn't really the correct place
for the question, and the mailing list would be a better place to ask the

I was, I admit, less helpful than I normally try to be, but that is because
I just got back from 2 weeks of vacation and am trying to make my way through
over 2000 mail messages in my inbox...

> Eric Rostetter <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu> schrieb am 03.01.03
> 21:20:57:
> > Quoting sandro <sdada at web.de>:
> >
> > > hi ,
> > >
> > > i have installed horde with imp.
> > > i have installed a mysqldatabase.
> > > but i don´t know how can i create useraccounts?
> >
> > That depends on how you *want* to create user accounts, and on what
> > mail software (pop3, imap, smtp, etc) you use.
> >
> > > how can i login the first time in horde. the usertable is empty after
> > > setup.
> >
> > Please join the Horde and/or IMP mailing lists (see
> http://www.horde.org/mail/
> > and http://lists.horde.org/ for more info) and post your questions there,
> > and provide details such as what mail software you are using and what
> operating
> > system you are using, etc.
> >
> > > please help......
> >
> > You haven't provided enough information to help you in any real way.
> >
> > > thanks
> > >
> > >
> > > sandro
> >
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