[horde] Continued Installation difficulties

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Sat Jan 4 15:33:43 PST 2003

Still trying to muddle through getting Horde installed, and I
can't seem to get php set up right.  Here's the test page from


Putting aside the mime-magic issue (I've still made no progress on
this and can't seem to get any info from anybody over the
weekend), I'm focusing on the PEAR problems.

It says that I have PEAR installed, but not a recent version. 
This seems strange to me, because I just upgraded to php 4.2.3. 
No matter, if it's old it's old.  I've gone to the Horde PEAR page
and downloaded the 'approved' PEAR and uploaded it to my server. 
Still it says it's too old.  Interestingly, I found two locations
on my server where these PEAR files are, /usr/local/lib/php and
/usr/share/pear.  I have uploaded the new pear files to both
locations, but it's still too old.  How do I tell which PEAR is
being used?

Considering my continued difficulties, I'm beginning to suspect
that something is amiss somewhere.  Please, someone allay my
fears.  I am running this on YellowDogLinux, which is ppc
architecture.  Are there any known issues with these components on
ppc?  Does anyone out there have this system actually working with



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