[horde] Continued Installation difficulties

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Sun Jan 5 08:20:42 PST 2003

Reminder: I'm using a snapshot version (now 1/5/2003).

Yes, it's set to /usr/local/lib/php.  This is one of the pear
installations that I updated.

Is there some independent way of verifying the pear version?  I
looked for a version resource in the pear file, but none were


> In the test.php file you'll find a link to the phpinfo page.
> In this page you can see your include_path.
> This path will tell you were php is locating your pear.
> I'm quite sure that the pear version detection broke some
> versions ago,  and haven't really worked since.
> If you just make sure that you have all the extensions you'll
> need, (like imap, mysql or postgresql, etc.)
> then I'm sure you will have no problems.
> Rene Jensen
> Rob Brandt wrote:
>> Still trying to muddle through getting Horde installed, and I
>> can't seem to get php set up right.  Here's the test page from
>> Horde:
>> http://support.csd-bes.net/horde/test.php.
>> Putting aside the mime-magic issue (I've still made no
>> progress on this and can't seem to get any info from anybody
>> over the
>> weekend), I'm focusing on the PEAR problems.
>> It says that I have PEAR installed, but not a recent version.
>> This seems strange to me, because I just upgraded to php
>> 4.2.3.  No matter, if it's old it's old.  I've gone to the
>> Horde PEAR page and downloaded the 'approved' PEAR and
>> uploaded it to my server.  Still it says it's too old.
>> Interestingly, I found two locations on my server where these
>> PEAR files are, /usr/local/lib/php and
>> /usr/share/pear.  I have uploaded the new pear files to both
>> locations, but it's still too old.  How do I tell which PEAR
>> is
>> being used?
>> Considering my continued difficulties, I'm beginning to
>> suspect
>> that something is amiss somewhere.  Please, someone allay my
>> fears.  I am running this on YellowDogLinux, which is ppc
>> architecture.  Are there any known issues with these
>> components on ppc?  Does anyone out there have this system
>> actually working with YDL?
>> Thanks
>> Rob

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