[horde] snapshot installation questions

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Sun Jan 5 08:59:53 PST 2003

I decided to start over this afternoon, given all the previous
problems I had.  I deleted my entire horde folder, downloaded the
1/5/2003 snapshot and went on from there.

I've having quite a few less errors this time, so it seems to have
done some good.  The test page still says I don't have mime-magic
enabled, and it still says I have the wrong version of pear
installed.  But I am continuing on until someone can help me with
those problems.  Perhaps the problems are related to that?  I
don't know.  Here goes:

Horde installation went pretty smoothly.  Administration options
are all there (previously missing), but I'm not able to add any
permissions, groups or users.  It says that adding and listing
users are disabled.  When I try to add groups or permissions, it
says that it "was not created: DB Error: no such field.".  I've
looked for a script to create databases for these, but don't see
any.  I'm running mysql.  FWIW, authentication is imap.

I uploaded IMP, and when in to Horde configuration to set it up. 
The first time I tried to save prefs, it reported that conf.php
didn't exist.  Sure enough, no conf.php or conf.php.dist came with
the distribution.  There was a conf.xml however.  I manually
created this file, set permissions for it to be writable by the
apache group, and went back to horde/configure.  This time, it
created a file, but I wasn't able to set any values.  In the page
I set all the values I wanted, but they couldn't be saved.  No
matter what I do, I cannot save configuration settings for IMP.

I did go on to IMP to see how it would perform without
configuration, and it's mostly OK.  I got all kinds of errors for
missing "max from length" and "max subject lenght".  I added these
values to the conf.php manually, and it works.  Dates don't show
up, because I don't know what to enter for values.  Because of no
configuration ability, I cannot set folder values and such.

Any help from anyone who knows what's going on would be very much


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