[horde] snapshot installation questions

Rob Brandt bronto at csd-bes.net
Sun Jan 5 13:53:35 PST 2003

I do have domxml installed, and I have been doing configuration in
horde itself instead of in IMP.  I guess that wasn't clear.

any other suggestion?

> Your PHP should have domxml support, & you should use the horde
> configuration menu to properly set the conf. The errors will go
> away.
> Charles
> On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Rob Brandt wrote:
>> I decided to start over this afternoon, given all the previous
>> problems I had.  I deleted my entire horde folder, downloaded
>> the 1/5/2003 snapshot and went on from there.
>> I've having quite a few less errors this time, so it seems to
>> have done some good.  The test page still says I don't have
>> mime-magic enabled, and it still says I have the wrong version
>> of pear
>> installed.  But I am continuing on until someone can help me
>> with those problems.  Perhaps the problems are related to
>> that?  I
>> don't know.  Here goes:
>> Horde installation went pretty smoothly.  Administration
>> options are all there (previously missing), but I'm not able
>> to add any
>> permissions, groups or users.  It says that adding and listing
>> users are disabled.  When I try to add groups or permissions,
>> it says that it "was not created: DB Error: no such field.".
>> I've
>> looked for a script to create databases for these, but don't
>> see any.  I'm running mysql.  FWIW, authentication is imap.
>> I uploaded IMP, and when in to Horde configuration to set it
>> up. The first time I tried to save prefs, it reported that
>> conf.php
>> didn't exist.  Sure enough, no conf.php or conf.php.dist came
>> with the distribution.  There was a conf.xml however.  I
>> manually
>> created this file, set permissions for it to be writable by
>> the
>> apache group, and went back to horde/configure.  This time, it
>> created a file, but I wasn't able to set any values.  In the
>> page I set all the values I wanted, but they couldn't be
>> saved.  No
>> matter what I do, I cannot save configuration settings for
>> IMP.
>> I did go on to IMP to see how it would perform without
>> configuration, and it's mostly OK.  I got all kinds of errors
>> for missing "max from length" and "max subject lenght".  I
>> added these values to the conf.php manually, and it works.
>> Dates don't show up, because I don't know what to enter for
>> values.  Because of no configuration ability, I cannot set
>> folder values and such.
>> Any help from anyone who knows what's going on would be very
>> much appreciated.
>> Rob
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