[horde] File Upload issue with IE and horde 2.2 / IMP

Viper viper at 2ghz.net
Mon Jan 27 12:27:44 PST 2003

Jan not to be rude but I posted it to imp at lists.horde.org and
horde at lists.horde.org to encorporate both lists. If there is some sort of
problem with including both lists I was unaware of it. Please do enlighten me if
my etiquette is not appropriate.


Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> Zitat von Viper <viper at 2ghz.net>:
> > Hi I am having a strange issue with IMP suddenly. I am running PHP 4.3.0,
> > Horde
> > 2.2, and the latest of IMP. When any one tries to download a file using
> > the disk
> > icon they get a "internet explorer was unable to contact the site or file
> > not
> > found". It works fine in netscape only IE gives this error. This started
> > happening after upgrading to horde 2.2. Any ideas I am stumped.
> Adam, there is no need to post your question three times. If you don't get
> an answer immediately, either noone knows an answer or noone had the time so
> far to investigate it further.
> If you continue to ask the same question again and again, you won't animate
> the developers to take a closer look at your problem.
> Jan.
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