[horde] Red Hat 8.0/Authentication problem

Sylvester Manx drachmadog at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 28 12:44:50 PST 2003

Have you done this?

assuming the apache user is running httpd:
#chown apache /tmp/horde.log

--- Stephen Atkins <satkins at maildrop.promo.skircr.com>
> Hello all.  I'm having a problem logging into
> horde/imp using imap
> authentication.  My mail program (Evolution) has no
> problem except I
> need to configure postfix to put it in a imap dir
> and not general
> mailbox but thats different issue.  Does anyone have
> a doc/how to/faq on
> what steps are needed for RH8?
> I did find one in the archives that said I needed to
> copy Log.php to
> /usr/share/pear.  I did that and then enabled the
> log to /tmp/horde.log
> (where everyone can write files for now) but it
> still gives me the error
> writing to the log file.  The test.php says log is
> there.
> If this is to vague let me know and I can post any
> additional info
> needed.
> Stephen Atkins
> satkins at skircr.com
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