[horde] Toolbar Feature Request

Rodolfo Segleau segleaur at mechanus.org
Wed Jan 29 07:52:25 PST 2003

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 | | Zitat von Adrian Walters <adrian at na.dhs.org>:
 | |
 | | > Would it be possible for the toolbar to only show icons/links for
 | modules
 | | > that
 | | > are installed? or maybe the ability to enable/disable modules from via
 | | > the
 | | > Administration-->Configuration Section?
 | |
 | | config/registry.php
 | |
 | | Jan.
 | <snip>
 | config/registry.php works fine, but with so many modules it is getting tough
 | to
 | maintain that file when there is a CVS update. i guess i am just being lazy
 | :)

there is an option under the horde module options to show only text, icons or 
icons with text for the menu bar at the bottom. I would guess that you could 
force this as a default by editing config/prefs.php. 
as far as enabling/disabling modules, you can only do that from 
config/registry.php, and these changes, are obviously global. i was looking 
into the code to see if i could graft on a permission criteria (or quite 
possibly a preference) on the modules so certain people could see all of them, 
or just a few (depending on which route i looked into.... 



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