[horde] Toolbar Feature Request

Rodolfo Segleau segleaur at mechanus.org
Wed Jan 29 09:54:06 PST 2003

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 | You have probably found an easier and more efficient way of doing it
 | but I create a file that I include in my horde apps that assigns
 | additional variables that are specific to virtual domains and sometimes
 | users.  I try to modify the horde code as little as possible to
 | facilitate updating.  You can do quite a bit with a private conf file
 | by just including it in the horde configuration files like:
 | <?php
 | $vdomain = strtolower(eregi_replace('mail\.', '',$_Server['HTTP_HOST']));
 | switch ( $vdomain ) {
 |   case "firstdomain" :
 |     $imp_reg_stat = 'active';
 |     // OTHER VARS for firstdomain
 |     break;
 | // ADDITIONAL cases go here
 |   default:
 |     $imp_reg_stat = 'notoolbar';
 |     // OTHER VARS
 |   }
 | Then just be sure that it gets included where needed and in this case
 | the varible $imp_reg_stat would need to be substituted for 'active'
 | in registry.php.  You can easily read variables from your user container
 | and assign them in your private configuration file, if you need user level
 | control.  If you need something more sofisticated, you can create custom
 | hooks but that means a little more code modification.
 | ed

hmmm.. interesting.. i'll look into the custom hooks, but i need to find a bit 
more time to dedicate to this.. i'm starting to feel a bit guilty here (lol), 
i''m using the code and contributing zilch to it... 



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