[horde] To Heikki Ylipaavalniemi regarding languages / translations

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Wed Jan 29 14:45:17 PST 2003


Sorry, it is a long mail.

I work at a school in Sweden and I seem to get the same problem as you = 
nothing hapens when user changes language to other than en_US from IE, but 
works fine with other browsers. 

I don't have any other locale than en_US installed on my Rh 8.0 so that 
shouldn't be the problem. 

Namely, I got around it by adding en-us as language in IE-browser and selecting 
it as default. This way I got everything in whatever language I choose, but 
changing default language in IE to swedish gives me everything in english.

I did CVS 030128 16.00 

I have used older Horde/IMP/Turba during fall where language behavior has been 
slightly different = It worked fine the most of the time and switched 
temporarily to english and back to swedish sometimes. With that config I had 
swedish as preferred lang in IE, so something must have happened during fall. 
Cannot say when. I have some CVS lying and will check them to see approx date. 

Does anybody know what Netscape sends regarding prefferred lang and how that 
differs from that sent by IE? 

Does anybody know where to find it in the code so I can get it working? I would 
for starters ignore lang request (only swedish users, lang setting locked down 
to swedish). 

I might add that I havn't tried if Netscape works with swedish as preferred 
lang or if it works because english is the preferred lang...

All for now, Peter

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