[horde] Horde Portal And Kronolith-Layout-Box

W. Tasin tasin at fhm.edu
Fri Jan 31 03:43:18 PST 2003


I'm using the cvs versions (2003-01-30) of horde, imp, vacation, turba, 
kronolith, forwards, accounts.
I played around with the new portal to give it an induvidual layout, so 
I got the following error adding the Calendar to the layout:

*Fatal error*: Call to a member function on a non-object in 
*/usr/local/httpd/horde/kronolith/lib/Driver/sql.php* on line *79
A workaround is to "Edit" this layout-box, and push the "Save" button, 
but is it possible to start with the correct default value 
[params][calendar]="__all" instead of [params][calendar]=""?

Or is there a magic "config/*" file I have to edit?
(to cause /horde/portal_edit.php to run into line 241 using 



<Key-Fingerprint: 1610 835F 0080 32F4 6140  6CF7 A7D0 44CD 7961A645>

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