[horde] Portal page no longer loads

Rick Emery rick at emery.homelinux.net
Mon Feb 24 15:16:28 PST 2003

I've got a strange problem that I've been unable to successfully troubleshoot.

I have horde/imp/kronolith/a bunch of other apps from CVS HEAD running on a
Red Hat 7.3 box with apache 1.3.27-2, php 4.2.2, imap 2001a.

Every day at work (Windows 2000, Mozilla) I log in to horde (over SSL) and
leave it  at my portal page (which refreshes every five minutes), periodically
reading any new mail. This morning at about 9:00 (Eastern US time) I updated
everything from CVS and made the needed changes to the conf files and
database. Everything was working perfectly. At 2:00 this afternoon, I went
into a meeting, leaving my portal page displayed. When I returned from the
meeting an hour later, there was a message that the page could not be
displayed. I tried to reload the portal page, but the browser appeared stuck
at "Transferring data..." and the page never displayed. Same thing if I tried
to log out.

So, I closed and reopened the browser and went back to the login page (which
loaded fine). I entered my username and password, but got the same thing. When
I got home from work, I tried Mozilla and Konqueror under Linux, using both
SSL and no SSL. All with the same results.

I don't see anything in the logs (horde, apache, or messages) except the
apache logs show a few segfaults from child processes. Looking back through
the logs, I see that Ive always gotten them periodically, and I don't get them
every time I try to log in to horde.

I also have SquirrelMail running on the same server (though I haven't used it
in a while; I *very* much prefer IMP) and it's working fine, so I'm not sure
it's an apache or php problem.

The problem is, I don't know what to do next to troubleshoot. I tried
restarting apache, and even rebooted the server, but no change. Any
suggestions anyone could make for troubleshooting would be *greatly*

Thanks in advance,

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