AW: [horde] stupid question regarding setup

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Wed Feb 26 07:00:01 PST 2003

>I've just got a newbie question regarding the setup of horde 3: As I'm
>suse 8.1, what's the rpm I should download? the one in rh6 or rh7?

yeah...this is stupid,just take the tarballs ;)

all you have to do with these balls is untar and copy to your htdocs
the only thing you got to do by hand is to run the driver scripts in order
to create the neccessary db's,but this is well-documented in the included

$ mysql --user=root < driver.sql  (this creates everything needed for the
actual module,the driver stands for.driver.sql is found in
<module>/scripts/driver (mostly))

best regards


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