[horde] Re: stupid question regarding setup

Ni U Bi niubi at tzaff.com
Wed Feb 26 07:09:54 PST 2003

cheers I'll try this :-)
"Udo Schubert" <news4dadirtyluk at gmx.de> wrote in message
news:OEEDLHKNOKBEJKJDFMBJGEFBCBAA.news4dadirtyluk at gmx.de...
> >I've just got a newbie question regarding the setup of horde 3: As I'm
> using
> >suse 8.1, what's the rpm I should download? the one in rh6 or rh7?
> yeah...this is stupid,just take the tarballs ;)
> all you have to do with these balls is untar and copy to your htdocs
> location.
> the only thing you got to do by hand is to run the driver scripts in order
> to create the neccessary db's,but this is well-documented in the included
> documentation.
> $ mysql --user=root < driver.sql  (this creates everything needed for the
> actual module,the driver stands for.driver.sql is found in
> <module>/scripts/driver (mostly))
> best regards
> udo
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