[horde] Warning when activating portal (HEAD)

Jan Kuipers jrkuipers at lauwerscollege.nl
Wed Feb 26 14:40:53 PST 2003

Citeren Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:

> The error message is _really_ strange. Of course we start output in
> common-header.inc. But the question is, what tries to send a header after
> including this file. PHP obviously doesn't know ("Unknown on line 0") so my
> guess is it isn't something in out scripts.
> Is there anything special on your system? Cache, encoder, debugger...

Not that I'm aware of. Strange thing is this one popped up since a CVS update
yesterday. I also have a CVS snap of february 21 st, which doesn't give this

Jan Kuipers
Systeembeheer Lauwers College

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