[horde] Re: Warning when activating portal (HEAD)

Jan Kuipers jrkuipers at lauwerscollege.nl
Thu Feb 27 12:53:39 PST 2003

Citeren Jeroen Huinink <j.huinink at wanadoo.nl>:

> I get the following similar warning:
> Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output
> started at C:\htdocs\horde.head\templates\common-header.inc:11) in
> C:\htdocs\horde.head\imp\lib\IMP.php on line 199
> I think this happens because I do not use imp authorization and I'm not
> logged into imp yet. line 199 is send a location header inside the function
> checkAuthentication. Apparently the code is not "portal-aware"... I would
> suspect that the original error has a similar cause.
> Hope this helps to solve the bug.

I _do_ use imp authentication. For now I solved this one by setting
zlib.output.compression = On, but this shouldn't necessary.

Jan Kuipers
Systeembeheer Lauwers College

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