[horde] Turba Stopped Working after IMP install

Adam Retter adam at cosmic.org.uk
Sat Mar 1 08:54:30 PST 2003

Hi Guys,

Have a bit of a problem that I dont really understand and would be most
grateful of any help, this is my first (serious) horde/imp/turba setup!

    1) I installed Horde and checked that it was all working
    2) I installed Turba hooked it upto my MySQL db, checked it was all
working (added an address etc...)
    3) Installed IMP and changed Horde to use IMP for authentication,
checked IMP and it was all working, sent/received some emails etc... (also
did http://localhost:/horde/imp/test.php)

I Then noticed after installing IMP that turba no longer seems to work. :-(

In my webbrowser (IE6) if i click the address book link in horde or imp or
goto http://localhost/horde/turba i get a blank page and my broswer
querystring says - http://localhost/horde/imp/login;php?utl=(various stuff).

If i press refresh in the webrowser i then get the Horde login screen. From
here I can login, but once I have logged in I again get a blank page and my
querysting is

It would seem that if I goto any page that is /horde/turba I just get a
blank white page.

Everything seems to be working perferctly apart from Turba, can anyone
please help?

My System is:

    FreeBSD 4.7 + Apache httpd-2.0.44 + PHP 4.3.1 (apache2 dynamic module)

    Horde-2.2.1 + Turba-1.1 + IMP-3.2


Adam Retter

adam at cosmic.org.uk

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