AW: [horde] HTML_Select

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Wed Mar 26 10:23:10 PST 2003

>HTML_Common/HTML_Select - No
>Horde requires the HTML_Common and HTML_Select classes only for Kronolith
>1.0 to display forms correctly.

> don't have HTML_Select installed. However, I do have the PEAR package
>HTML_Select_Common (1.1) installed. Try as I might though, I can't seem to
>locate any HTML_Select in the PEAR package library.

is html_select and html_common included then or not? you can't find
the files in your pear directory or what do you mean?
maybe you installed the newer pear package in a wrong place...

my files are:

/usr/local/lib/php/HTML/ :


(and more...)

you have them too?

best regards


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