AW: [horde] can't save preferences

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Thu Mar 27 04:05:14 PST 2003

>>nd did you set these in horde/config/conf.php:
>>[sql][protocol]='tcp'               (MY values!)

>I haven't a conf.php file in horde/config (am I missing something ?)  

sorry man,this ist horde.php in the HEAD version...horde.php is right
for you...

>I added the lines you suggested in horde.php but with no luck...
>However the problem is not strictly related to the db because I can
>succesfully query it. 

very strange...i had a look at horde 2.2 (your version??)
but i couldn't find anything that is obviously missing,but you
might check the test.php again...maybe there is something

best regards


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