[horde] can't save preferences

Marco Dinacci marco at icenet.it
Thu Mar 27 01:51:50 PST 2003

>nd did you set these in horde/config/conf.php:
>[sql][protocol]='tcp'               (MY values!)

I haven't a conf.php file in horde/config (am I missing something ?)  
I added the lines you suggested in horde.php but with no luck...
However the problem is not strictly related to the db because I can
succesfully query it. 
For example kronolith works well , I can add, delete and edit tasks as I
Problems arises when I have to change preferences, this happen in
*every* horde application. All seems to works well but actually the
query is not performed, and there aren't error messages..
Of course the options I want to modify are not locked.
I also checked the table permissions on horde_prefs but they are
identical to all the other tables in the db, so it's not a permission
I thought it could be a javascript problem, maybe the form was not
submitted...but I checked with opera adn galeon on linux and ie5.5 on
windows and it works the same way everywhere.

Any ideas ?

>if it doesn't try to use sql at all!(maybe?)

mmm..what do you mean ?

>good luck...but it's still early evening in italy,right? ;)

oh yeah but it was time to go home ;)


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