AW: [horde] pear and DB.php

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Thu Mar 27 11:17:48 PST 2003

>This is *completely* offtopic. Please take this to a MySQL/general SQL
>resource. You are also misunderstanding how PEAR::DB works; this has
>nothing to do with "what statements it supports".

i definitely understand that and i am really not understanding PEAR::DB as
i looked at it today for the first time ;)

this is the only statements of many that i queried from
that made me think of the version issues too (as i saw in the mysql doc) and
there are that much...

> and i really need to have those statements!
> -> INSERT INTO hordedb.table SELECT column1,column2 FROM table;


>Note that this is only supported in MySQL since 4.1.

i'm running 3.23.41 and everything works there,so it may be the version that
is compiled with (some way???)

i'll take it to the mysql staff then...



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