[horde] What version of "Horde" do I need...?

Ryan Salazar Ryan at OTownHosting.com
Thu Mar 27 15:58:04 PST 2003


Please excuse me if this email makes me look a little stupid! I've never
heard of Horde, but recently opened a webhosting company. Today a friend
told me that Horde is a great webmail application for hosting companies. I
looked on horde.org but was very confused....nothing seemed to just stick
out and say it was a webmail app.

I'd love for someone to help direct me to the correct place. Also, is there
a demo for it? If so, how long will it run? Can I get an extended demo
(about 60 days)? and how much is the software, or is it open source.


OTownHosting.com, Inc.

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