[horde] Re: Re: Inheriting Perms

E. Warkentin horde at ew-net.de
Sat Mar 29 00:31:21 PST 2003


"Chuck Hagenbuch" <chuck at horde.org> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:1048909012.b6e36e3669fef at marina.horde.org...

> > Am I right that Perms are inherited?
> No.

Mmmh... ok.

So I have to grant my permissions for every subgroup too... but isnt that
quite an overhead in a tree structure? Without inheritation, the tree just
represents a logical structure, not an actual hirarchy?

So how can I manage perms easily then to my subgroups (which are
added/changed/deleted quite often? IS there a simple way?

Eduard Warkentin

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