[horde] Re: Horde Login (HEAD)

Roman Dvoran roman at dvoran.sk
Sat Mar 29 23:15:21 PST 2003

Phil Petersen wrote:

> First of all, my sincere thanks and respect for everyone who put all the
> time and effort into this amazing suite. I've had the RELENG_2 running
> stable for some time now and have been using the code and mailing lists
> to learn PHP.
> I have the HEAD snapshot loaded and configured, and when I log in, I get
> authenticated and issued a new session with a valid cookie, and then get
> sent back to the login page. After a few days of poking around, I also
> think I have figured out WHAT is doing it, I just don't know WHY.
> Hopefully someone can help tell me what I've done wrong.
> It appears that after the authentication, I hit this in login.php line 83
> if ($url_param) {
>    header('Location: ' . Horde::url(Horde::removeParameter($url_param,
>    session_name()), true));
>    } else {
>    header('Location: ' . Horde::applicationUrl('index.php', true));
>    }
>    exit;
> And I think this is where I get stuck. $url_param is always null. (From
> $url_param = Horde::getFormData('url') up line line 33. As I said, I'm
> learning as I go.
> phil petersen
> -------------------------------------------------
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Problem seems to start occuring after patch in lib/Horde.php at line 155
<                 $new_session_id = base64_encode($GLOBALS['UNIQUE_ID']);
>                 $new_session_id = $GLOBALS['UNIQUE_ID'];

the patch was about to add function base64_encode to sessionID.
when you remove the function, it will be working, (for me does).

This is not causing the problem, but side effect. It might sometimes
occure the problem with session, as I realized, but it's once per 100s
generated sessionID. hope this helps developers to find the real problem.

Is anybody successfully running latest CVS horde and IMP ?
I wonder if all have the same problem or not.
Note I'm using files for session. I tried sql session handler,
it takes me in, but when I select any application, I'm redirected to
login page. This was also happening before patch, that broke my 
file session handler

any suggestions ?


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