[horde] Horde Login (HEAD)

Phil Petersen philpetersen at philpetersen.com
Fri Mar 28 07:55:59 PST 2003

First of all, my sincere thanks and respect for everyone who put all the 
time and effort into this amazing suite. I've had the RELENG_2 running 
stable for some time now and have been using the code and mailing lists 
to learn PHP.

I have the HEAD snapshot loaded and configured, and when I log in, I get 
authenticated and issued a new session with a valid cookie, and then get 
sent back to the login page. After a few days of poking around, I also 
think I have figured out WHAT is doing it, I just don't know WHY. 
Hopefully someone can help tell me what I've done wrong.

It appears that after the authentication, I hit this in login.php line 83

if ($url_param) {
   header('Location: ' . Horde::url(Horde::removeParameter($url_param,
   session_name()), true));
   } else {
   header('Location: ' . Horde::applicationUrl('index.php', true));

And I think this is where I get stuck. $url_param is always null. (From 
$url_param = Horde::getFormData('url') up line line 33. As I said, I'm 
learning as I go.


phil petersen

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