[horde] Virtual mail administration module

Roger Håkansson hson at ludd.luth.se
Sun Mar 30 08:43:32 PST 2003

I've been running Exim, Courier-IMAP, IMP and Turba for a while now on a
server which houses a couple of domains..
So far I've been doing the administration using regular SQL directly against
mySQL, but last week I got tired of that and started to look for some better
way of handling it.

But I could'nt find anything in the mailinglists about any module that would
help me, neither did my "googling" give me anything worth looking at.
So even though I've never coded a line of PHP I thought I might give it a

I took a look at other modules and "stole" some ideas about the structure
from existing modules
Last night I finished the first "version" which just gives me the ability
    -    Add/edit/delete domains
    -    Add/edit/delete users within theese domains
    -    Add/edit/delete aliases within theese domains
    -    Add/edit/delete hosts which are allowed to relay through the

But last night when looking at Exim's mailinglist i found
XAMS(http://www.xams.org) which pretty much does what I want to achieve
except for a few things:
- It's not integrated with Horde, and since I'm about to add more
Horde-modules to the site I don't like the idea of having something which
doesn't fit in to that.
- The ER-diagram doesn't really fit my view on how I want things(this is a
minor problem)

What do people use today to administrate their domains/users/aliases when
running a virtual-domain-setup with a database(MySQL, Oracle...) as backend?

Have anyone already started on something similar to XAMS for the Horde

Roger Håkansson

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