[horde] Virtual mail administration module

Roger Håkansson hson at ludd.luth.se
Tue Apr 1 08:59:00 PST 2003

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> Quoting Roger Håkansson <hson at ludd.luth.se>:
> > Have anyone already started on something similar to XAMS for the Horde
> > framework?
> I don't know of one, but I know people have tried to get such a Horde
> project going several times - if you contributed your app, I'm sure we'd
> get a developer/user base for it pretty quickly.

I have to clean up the code a bit first and we need a name for the module.
Right now it's called mailadmin, but it has to change since I plan to
include the ability to generate :
- zone-files for DNS
- nat.conf (for OpenBSD pf to start with)
- pf.conf (for OpenBSD pf to start with)

Roger Håkansson

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