[horde] PEAR: HTML_Common

Paul Reilly pareilly at tcd.ie
Thu Apr 3 15:38:31 PST 2003

Just doing a fresh install Horde 2.2.1 and IMP 3.2.1
on top of PHP 4.3.1  and Apache 1.3.27

The /horde/test.php indicates that I don't have all PEAR modules.

# HTML_Common/HTML_Select - No
# Horde requires the HTML_Common and HTML_Select classes only for Kronolith 1.0 to display forms correctly.

But I've done a

pear install HTML_Common
install ok: HTML_Common 1.0

pear install HTML_Select_Common
install ok: HTML_Select_Common 1.1

and I can see they are in my ~/lib/php/ file with ok permissions.
But yet Horde doesn't see it?

Any ideas?

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