horde logging (was) Re: [horde] failing to log in to horde cvs HEAD using imap]

Bill Dossett bd at emtex.com
Sun Apr 6 01:18:57 PST 2003

Eric Rostetter wrote:
> Quoting Bill Dossett <bd at emtex.com>:
>>btw anyone know why my log file is empty when I've
>>got logging turned on in config.php?  It created the file
>>but it is empty.
> Could be lots of stuff, including that no loggable event has happened yet.
> But without knowing even your logging setup, nor your Horde version, or
> what kind of problems you are having, it is hard to say.
> I'm sure you put some of this info in other posts, but if you want to ask
> a new question, or re-ask an old question, you really need to repeat it
> as not everyone will keep the old messages or take the time to look them
> up in the archives.

thanks, I'm using cvs HEAD from 3/apr/03
not sure it that has it's own version number as well.

My horde conf.php Logging section is:

$conf['log']['enabled'] = true;

// What log driver should we use? Valid values are 'file', 'mcal',
// 'sql', and 'syslog'.
$conf['log']['type'] = 'file';

// What is the name of the log? For the 'file' driver, this is the
// path to a text file; for mcal, it would be the name of a calendar,
// and for sql it would be the table name to use. For the 'syslog'
// driver it is the facility as a _constant_ (with no quotes), e.g.:
// ... = LOG_LOCAL0;
$conf['log']['name'] = '/tmp/horde.log';

// What level of messages should we log? The values are LOG_EMERG,
// and LOG_DEBUG. Each level logs itself and all those that come
// before it: LOG_ALERT would only log alerts and emergencies, but
// LOG_DEBUG would log everything.
$conf['log']['priority'] = LOG_DEBUG;

// What identifier should we use in the logs?
$conf['log']['ident'] = 'HORDE';

// Any additonal configuration information, like an MCAL or database
// username and password.
$conf['log']['params'] = array();

/tmp/horde.log is owned and writeable by apache:apache

and my old 2.1 horde does log to it ok...

On a very early version of horde, when, I had trouble
getting horde to log, same thing, empty file but no
events as well.  I seem to remember finding a patch for
it and then it started working, but I've been searching
on horde logging patch and haven't found any references
to it.

I'm obviously having some trouble getting this going and
if I could get some info from the log file I'm sure it would
help, but darn hard to start making progress when I can't
get this to work... looked through all my apache logs and there
isn't anything useful there either.


>>Bill Dossett

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