[horde] Head Branch and Gollem

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Fri Apr 25 16:31:52 PDT 2003

Quoting James Kelty <jkelty at pdx.edu>:

> Gollem is giving me trouble with the conf.php missing.

Sounds like maybe you are trying to use CVS HEAD of Gollem without
using CVS HEAD of Horde?  If so, don't.

> I don't quite get
> the 'log in as horde administrator' to configure the modules.

What don't you get about it.  It is fairly well documented in the
Horde INSTALL doc and most of the module's INSTALL docs...

> I didn't
> find anything in the install docs about that.

Should be there, if you are using the correct versions.

> Can someone help me with
> this?

Well, it is pretty clear.  From horde/docs/INSTALL:

   Configuration of applications in registry.php is documented in
   the INSTALL file of each application.  Most applications require
   you to configure them with a "Horde administrator" account.  A
   Horde administrator account is any normal Horde account that has been
   listed in the $conf['auth']['admins'] array in horde/config/conf.php
   It is recommended that you define an administrator account at this

And from horde/gollem/docs/INSTALL:

   You must then login to Horde as a Horde Administrator to finish the
   configuring of Gollem.  Use the Horde "Administration" menu item to get
   the the Administration page, then on the click on "Configuration" to
   get the configuration page.  Select "File Manager" from the selection
   list of applications, and click on the "Configure" button.  Fill in or
   change any configuration values as needed.  When done click on "Generate
   File Manager Configuration" to generate the conf.php file.  If your web
   server doesn't have write permissions to the configuration directory
   or file, it will not be able to write the file.  In this case, cut and
   paste the returned configuration information into the file

Seems pretty clear to me.  If it isn't clear to you, then you need to
tell us what parts are not clear or what you don't understand.

> Or update the cvsignore file?

Why on earth would we do that?

> Thanks.
> -James

Eric Rostetter
The Department of Physics
The University of Texas at Austin

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